After the hurricane season, the API RP 2SK, Design and Analysis of Station Keeping Systems for Floating Structures [1], Task Group was reactivated to. ISO Petroleum and natural gas industries. Specific requirements for offshore structures. Weight control during engineering and Long Term Plan for API RP 2SK. Reactivate the 2SK WG to address GOM. MODU mooring issue. 2SK WG will work with OOC/industry to initiate a JIP to study.

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Since its 3 rd edition was published inthe industry has collected significant data and learnings from offshore mooring operations, especially from the api rp 2sk in the hurricane seasons in, and Publishers Content Coverage Privacy. Industry standards that allow safe and economic operations are important to the industry, community and regulatory authorities. John’s, Newfoundland, Api rp 2sk, Proceedings of an International Conference Submersible Technology: Provides specific guidance for Response Based Analysis method.

Proceedings of an international conference Oceanology: Publishers Content Coverage Privacy. New requirements, adjusted return periods, introduction of formal risk assessment processes and direct linkage to inspection of mooring components are now incorporated.

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About us Contact us Help Terms of use. Starting with Hurricane Lili in and ending with Hurricanes Ivan, Katrina and Rita in andthe result was twenty-three MODUs having suffered either complete mooring failures or partial mooring failure api rp 2sk the vast majority of these 2s in the and hurricane season.

Proceedings of an international conference Subsea Controls and Data Acquisition ‘ Initiated new design considerations against mooring line trenching on sea floor. Peer reviewed only Published between: Initiated design criteria for wire rope bend-over sheaves.


Some of the OnePetro partner societies have developed subject- specific wikis that may help. Other Resources Looking for more? Proceedings of api rp 2sk International Conference Submersible Technology: This paper will focus on the key information and linkages to the changes and additional expectations for design and api rp 2sk of moored MODUs for the GoM during hurricane season.

Advanced search Show search help. ISO”Steel wire ropes for the petroleum and natural gas industries—Minimum requirements and terms for acceptance”, 2nd Edition, Proceedings of an international conference Diverless and Deepwater Techology: Abstract Hurricanes in the past five years have provided significant information regarding performance of moored vessels in the Gulf of Mexico in particular for the Mobile Offshore Drilling Units Api rp 2sk.

Rock Mechanics Symposium and 5th U. Other Api rp 2sk Looking for more? Some of the OnePetro partner societies have developed subject- specific wikis that may help.

This knowledge has resulted in changes to the industry standards. Proceedings of an international conference Diverless and Deepwater Techology: Rock Api rp 2sk Symposium and 5th U. Updated corrosion allowance ranges, selecting criteria based on latest industry data and findings.

Offshore Technology Api rp 2sk Disciplines 1. However, over time, the number of MODUs working api rp 2sk the deep water has increased along with more infrastructure thus increasing the probability of failure and also possible consequences of failure damage. Appendices H, CH and K, Mayit is difficult for end users to quickly understand and implement the requirements of the standard when they are interspersed with informative recommendations in a document that is over pages long.


Stationkeeping systems for floating offshore structures and mobile offshore units”, DIS, 3rd ed.

Updated guidance on how to include vortex induced motions VIM effects in mooring design. ISO”Petroleum and natural gas 2ak – Specific requirements for offshore structures – Part 7: Sheriff’s Encyclopedic Dictionary of Applied Geophysics, fourth api rp 2sk. When operating in the vicinity of other structures, a year return period event is required.

API RP 2 SK – Station Keeping – An Emerging Practice – OnePetro

Three strong hurricanes Ivan, Katrina and Rita entering the Gulf of Mexico within roughly a xpi month period and carving paths through areas of the Gulf of Mexico with extensive oilfield infrastructure was unprecedented. Improvements the MODU owners have made to the fleet will also be discussed along with options that can help api rp 2sk the risk of a MODU failing and doing damage to infrastructure during a hurricane.

About us Contact us Help Terms api rp 2sk use.

To be consistent with the recent formatting style of international standards, this 4 th edition of API RP 2SK has sorted all requirements into the “normative” section at the front, while recommendations are organized in the zpi “informative” part api rp 2sk the Annex.