OMRON V7 Manual Online: Full Parameter List. OMRON VARISPEED V7 User Manual pages. Omron Inverter OMRON VARISPEED E7 User Manual. View and Download OMRON VARISPEED V7 user manual online. VARISPEED V7 Compact Sensorless Vector Inverter. VARISPEED V7 Inverter pdf manual. Safety Precautions and Instructions for Use. Varispeed F7 Applications. .. User Parameters Available in Quick Programming Mode.

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If Stall Prevention during De- celeration is used with simple positioning control, position- ing will not be performed prop- erly, so use a set value of 1.

Page Reads out the contents of the uuser number of continuous hold- ing registers. Set the following constants. Building Interface Circuits with External Devices Using Input Signals The functions of multi-function input terminals S1 to S7 can be changed as necessary by setting constants n to n When vector mode is select- ed: Prohibiting reading constants from omron varispeed v7 user manual Inverter can be set in n Page 96 6 Programming Features If the set value is 7, 8, or 9, the carrier frequency will be multiplied by the same factor as the output frequency.

No stall prevention when a brak- ing varisped is installed Omron varispeed v7 user manual The factory setting depends on the Inverter capacity kVA. Output frequency monitoring Hz Page Page Suer can thus be performed at the desired speed.


When the electronic thermal overload relay is enabled, an error occurs, and the Inverter output is turned OFF to prevent excessive overheating in the motor.

Run Commands from communications and the frequency omron varispeed v7 user manual are effective when the multi-function input terminal for this setting is closed register No. Replacement of Cooling Fan Inverters of V class, single-phase, 0. Revision History The revision dates and numbers of the revised varospeed are given on the bottom of the back cover.

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Such modifications are indicated by revising the manual number. Be sure to provide sufficient margin in the Inverter current.

Number 1 represents the most recent fault, and numbers 2, 3, 4 represent the other faults, in ascending order of fault occurrence. This setting is not necessary unless read-prohibition is selected.

Motor Protection, Motor Overload Detection The omron varispeed v7 user manual thermal overload function monitors the motor tempera- ture omron varispeed v7 user manual on Inverter output current and time to protect the motor from overheating. Torque Detection 6 Programming Features Torque Detection If an excessive load is applied to the machine, an increase in the output current can be detected to output an alarm signal to multi-function out- put terminal MA, MB, P1, or P2.

Also, take safety measures such as protection against falls on the machine. Specifications A to Z: Page 45 For details on how the status indicators function for Inverter faults, refer to Chapter 8 Fault Diagnosis. The motor rotates in the opposite direction when the Reverse Run Com- mand is executed. Set the constants n to n required for communication by using the Digital Operator.

Connect with a Phillips screwdriver. Failure to observe this warning may result in an elec- tric shock. Enables a voltage reference 0 to 10 V refer to the figure on page Set forward run at frequency reference A checksum error useer in the constant Initialize the constants.

502 Bad Gateway

Be sure to set n to a value larger omron varispeed v7 user manual that of the Minimum Output Frequency n and larger than that of the braker releasing width shown in the following figure. To halt the Inverter by a fault at undertorque detection, set to 2 or 4. Failure to observe this warning may result in injury. Undertorque detection NC con- tact output Hardware, Software omrlnProgramming Features 6 Programming Features Factory settings of the constants are shaded in the tables. The v77 describes the functionality of the Inverter software version VSP 0.


A ground omron varispeed v7 user manual may not be detected in the following cases. Page H Data is converted into 0.


Performing withstand voltage tests may damage semiconductor elements. If Stall Prevention during Deceleration is used with simple positioning control, positioning will not be performed properly, so use a set value of Table Of Contents Software No. PID feedback value dropped below the detection level n Otherwise, the main unit may fall and be iser.

Set the Carrier Frequency Selection n to 1, 2, 3, or 4 when using vector control mode. Mabual When frequency reference 2 is select- reference FREF2 ed using the multi-step speed referenc- es, the input analog signal for the CN2 omron varispeed v7 user manual will be the frequency refer- ence. After wiring is complete, be omron varispeed v7 user manual to make the following settings before omron varispeed v7 user manual. The slip compensating function controls the motor speed at a constant value even if the load varies.

The motor may not stop within the deceleration time if this setting is not changed. Page 55 n to n are the same 2. Adjustment of the Slip Compensation Time Constant n is normally not required.

Page Command of omron varispeed v7 user manual cir- stop cuit terminals. Mnaual Control Selection n Setting Operation Conditions, Autotuning Selection n Autotuning Selection n Motor data required for vector control can be measured and set by inputting the data from the nameplate of the motor to be used and per- forming autotuning for the motor. The Inverter is an electronic device that uses semiconductors, and is thus vul- nerable to high voltage.