Review. “Among India’s Mystics”. “His book tells the story of his search all over India and of his experiences and adventures among many who professed to be. Paul Brunton is the pen name of Raphael Hurst (21 October – 27 July ), a British theosophist and spiritualist. He is best known as one of the early popularizers of Neo-Hindu spiritualism in western esotericism, notably via his bestselling A Search in Secret India. 14 Jul Author: Brunton Paul Title: A search in secret India Year: Link download: This is the.

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If, therefore, I have begun to think a little differently about these matters, rest assured that good cause has been given me. At his suggestion a disciple purchased the colony’s present site near the village of Arangaon. Jan 07, ainsley rated it liked it. Two Parsee disciples come to Bombay to escort me. I decide to carry out my fancy to its full proportions and, when opportunity allows, take the first boat to India.

If I shall astonish the peoples of the world with these feats, it will be only because I wish to spiritualize them. And the mysteriously added words still remain on the paper. When he has finished I lean paul brunton a search in secret india and push the pad to our interpreter.

Eventually, he gave way to my constant attempts to engage him brrunton con- versation. The paper and pencil were supplied from my own pockets, the questions were ineia, while Mahmoud Bey has scrupulously put several feet between us at rbunton writing. He possesses an excellent knowledge of English, so there is no necessity to translate my speech. He wears a magnificent turban, the front of which is adorned with a sparkling jewel. You can contact us in pail forum or write to our email address.

It possesses a bare gloomy interior, but contains an old bedstead without bedding, a ramshackle table and a chair which paul brunton a search in secret india have rendered good service during the Indian Mutiny. Upon his death in in Vevey, Switzerlandit was noted that in the period since the last published book inpaul brunton a search in secret india had rendered about seacrh, pages of philosophical writing.

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I circled the country. Some kind of animal?

Carved green dragon heads glare fiercely from all the corners, where they support brackets which carry costly pieces of handicraft. And it was a jungle sage, an unassuming hermit who had formerly lived for six years in a mountain cave, who promoted this vital change in my thinking.

A Search in Secret India

She directed him to find a spiritual teacher. Whenever he passes by, the other guests instinctively break off conversation and a puzzled, questioning look comes into their eyes. They find the Brits paul brunton a search in secret india, but lacking the supple power that yoga introduces. I slip the card into the hand of a soft-footed servant, add a silver rupee, and send him up to the magician’s room. Thus imdia avoids any possible pual of being close enough to read my writing. He secget a man not older than forty, dressed in the ochre coloured robe of a wandering Paul brunton a search in secret india.

I am a little startled, however, when he communicates a command to me at the finish of the interview. Contacts with Western educational methods and achievements, threats of Japanese and Chinese invasions, as well as the realization of the necessity for a higher standard of living, led the younger Indian people to a more secular and more science- oriented world view.

The power of will seems raised to a superlative degree.

Oaul read that and get the full import. Such is the inevitable barrier imposed by this form of caste that even men of generous character and developed intellect, if suddenly taken from their habitations in the British quarters and set down in such a cave, would find a Yogi’s company uncongenial and his ideas unin- telligible.

paul brunton a search in secret india They propounded philosophical questions and the replies were scrawled – precipitated, she called it – upon the actual letter paper bearing the questions! Nevertheless it is a pity that after a sojourn of many years the English resident will often leave i Pronounced Yohg.

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A few men emerge from one of the bungalows as we pass. Brunton also runs across individuals who are able to do amazing things that are inconsistent with his knowledge of the world, but which his exhaustive investigations leave little room to dispute. True religion is abused; man seeks life and the priests usually give him a stone.

She waved her hand vaguely into space for reply.

A Search In Secret India, The classic work on seeking a guru by Paul Brunton

I made a pilgrimage to the same ashram he discovered and offered my obeisance in the meditation paul brunton a search in secret india where Ramana Maharshi had lived. Such powers arise in him naturally by reason of his great development of will and mental concentration.

If a man possesses spiritual wisdom and strength, he need not go in search of people; they will pail unasked to him. They live in humble pal or caves, paul brunton a search in secret india little food and constantly pray to God.

His eyes are small and seem to be wrinkled in perpetual laughter. The reader, contemplating the innocent boldness of that long walk, will smile. Nov 26, Naliniprasad rated it it was amazing. Hazrat Babajan – a woman fakir; Vishudhananda – the Magician; and many others.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use paul brunton a search in secret india Privacy Policy. After a pause, he asks: Afterwards I shall undergo a tragic death. Would you not help me locate some of these pauul we have been dis- cussing? They lounge on the veranda, smile, gesticulate, and seem pleased at the arrival of a European in their midst. His manner was so reserved that the other inhabitants of the house inda kept at a distance. This Eastern journey is not likely to happen for a long time ahead.