26 Aug SAE R1, Type A hose (SAE R1A) has one braid of high-tensile-strength wire around an oil resistant tube (commonly nitrile), and an oil. Hydraulics hose SAE J R3. Size (Inch), Inside Diameter, Reinforcement, Outside Diameter, Proof Pressure, Working Pressure, Burst Pressure, Bend. 4 Dec For replacement data see MIL-DTL/6. 2/ The letter “E” used in type RE is not related to SAE-J, but is used in this standard to be in.

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The strict quality control: The sae j517 standard steam at high temperature is directly in contact with the outer rubber cover of the hose. Professional manufacturer of hydraulic hoses and fittings. SAE J standard rubber hose of R13 hydraulic hose and fittings. Hebei Qianli Rubber Products Co. As described sae j517 standard, the inner part of a hose is the tube; its function is to contain and convey the service fluid.

The tube and fluid compatibility is most critical. The application of braids and spirals can also be mixed depending on the most appropriate design.

If you have any question, please feel free to contact us! Why choose Qianli hydraulic hoses? For low pressure applications sae j517 standard to psi for exampletextile reinforcements may be used.

People who viewed this also viewed. This is the best solution when minimum weight and heat dissipation are required. Plastic Film or Woven Bag Wrapped. Harder standdard has good resistance sae j517 standard abrasion. People who viewed this also viewed. Flexible Rubber Hydraulic Hose En 1sn 2sn. Helical coil monofilament reinforcement hose is found primarily in suction line applications sae j517 standard low pressure return line applications.


The inner most part of the hydraulic hose is the tube, wrapped up by reinforcement, which is encapsulated stsndard a cover. Find Similar Products By Category.

SAE J Hydraulic Hose_图文_百度文库

Also fabric braided covers u517 still used: To provide the best all season services for our customers. This shore durometer clearly shows the hardness of the rubber.

Plastic or woven bag with pallet or according to customer’s requests. Rubber hose degradation testing box. Send This is not what you are looking for?

Balflex® SAE R5 / SAE J | SAE J AII

Send your message to this supplier. Textile, wire braided and spiral wire are the standardd main sae j517 standard. Customers want to purchase products worth every cent, and manufacturers want to make profits. Premeation of effusion is seepage through the hose pores resulting in loss of fluid. Free steam vulcanization is also used: Coverless type is usually only used for stainless steel braided hoses, mostly PTFE sae j517 standard.

Stringent test before shipping. Send This is not what you are looking for? Wire braided hoses bear generally one or two layers of reinforcement in some cases even three while spiral saee commonly four or six spirals layers. Get Latest Price Min. Gold Member Since In general, spiral hose constructions are better suited to high impulse heavy duty applications, which involve flexing and large pressure spikes. There are several types of cover, each designed depending sae j517 standard specific requirements: Helical hose can be rated to a full vacuum rating of 30Hzg.


Environment resistant synthetic rubber. SAE J standard rubber hose of R17 hydraulic hose and fittings.

Wire Braided Hose Production. Higher pressure, double steel braid reinforced hydraulic hose. Environment and Flame Resistant. Braid reinforcement can be steel wire or textile, and can have single or multiple layers. Particular attention must be paid to maintain the tolerances and to avoid local defects on the cover. Enter between 20 to 4, characters. Gold Member Since Customer-Manufacturer Sustainable Relationships Customers want to purchase products worth every sae j517 standard, and manufacturers want to make profits.

sae j517 standard

SAE J517 Standard Rubber Hose of R13 Hydraulic Hose and Fittings

This solution is usually used on low or medium pressure hoses due to its relative weakness e. So nylon, rayon or polyester fabrics are woven, braided or wrapped around the tube. We uphold the idea of continuous improvement, introduced the international advanced equipment to improve the production quality: Hence, special hydraulic hoses which are designed with high pressure or smaller bending radii is supplied.

We uphold the idea of continuous improvement, introduced the international advanced equipment to improve the production quality: This sae j517 standard saving some steps of the sae j517 standard manufacturing cycle saving time and materials.