2017 Toyota LandCruiser 70 Series pricing and specs photos CarAdvice

2017 Toyota LandCruiser 70 Series pricing and specs photos CarAdvice

Over the 30 years since its launch, the "Land Cruiser 70"๏ผa milestone model of Toyota's longest-running nameplate๏ผhas gained devoted fans worldwide. Sales in Japan ended in 2004, but to respond to widespread domestic requests for its return to sale and to commemorate its 30th anniversary, Toyota is re-releasing the Land Cruiser 70 in Japan for roughly a year.

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Toyota Celebrates 70 Years of Land Cruiser With Special 70 Series Model If you know Land Cruisers, you won't be surprised that this one isn't coming to America. View Gallery 114 Photos.

Toyota's 37yearold 70Series Land Cruiser gets updated for 2022 Autoblog

Born in the 1980s, the Toyota Land Cruiser 70 has become a symbol of durability and reliability. Despite being discontinued in most countries decades ago, this enduring beast remains a favorite among off-road enthusiasts and motorists seeking an indestructible SUV. In this article, we will explore the impressive features of the Land Cruiser 70.

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The LandCruiser 70 delivers legendary strength and a truckload more impressive attributes with its highly anticipated 2023 uplift. A reliable workhorse for when the going gets tough. While the LandCruiser 70 boasts all the muscle you need to venture into uncharted territory, it also packs in heaps of features to get you home safely.

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Photo: Toyota. At 73.6" wide, 75.6" tall, and 192.5" long (with a 107.5" wheelbase), the new Land Cruiser 70 is slightly smaller than its 250 Series counterpart, though is actually expected to boast better go-anywhere abilities โ€” at least in their respective base model form. Powering Toyota's new throwback SUV is a 2.8-liter direct.

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For a brand-new Land Cruiser 70, the basic trim version typically costs around $80,000. However, if you are on a budget or looking for a good deal, you can also find used Toyota Land Cruiser 70 models at prices ranging from $15,000 to $40,000. It's worth noting that many car dealers import used Toyota Cruiser 70 models for sale.

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Toyota Land Cruiser 70-Series. The 70-Series Land Cruisers were produced from 1984 all the way to today, with a facelifted design starting in 2007. These remained utility and off-road oriented as the concurrently produced 80-Series, 100-Series, and 200-Series became more comfort oriented.

Toyota's 37yearold 70Series Land Cruiser gets updated for 2022 Autoblog

The 70 Series is a family of Toyota Land Cruiser models produced since 1984. It replaced the 25-year-old 40 Series as the off-road model of the Land Cruiser lineup, while the contemporary 60 Series developed into more comfortable luxury SUVs starting with the 80 Series.

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2020. 2021. 1970 Toyota Land Cruiser Classic cars for sale near you by classic car dealers and private sellers on Classics on Autotrader. See prices, photos, and find dealers near you.

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To celebrate the model's 40th anniversary and its market launch in Japan, the automaker now introduces a special one-off off-roader based on the Land Cruiser 70. Details are limited, but Toyota plans to display this matte black SUV at the Tokyo Auto Salon next week. It's based on the resurrected 2024 model and comes with a few visual tweaks.

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At home in Japan, Toyota intends to sell the 2024 Land Cruiser 70 with a 2.8-liter diesel hooked up to a six-speed automatic transmission. The engine is good for 201 horsepower and 500 Nm (369.

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Toyota Land Cruiser 70 is refreshed for 2024, with the automaker updating its utilitarian workhorse that remains the same generation that debuted in 1984. The automaker has given the 70 series.

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The Land Cruiser 70 Series, in Toyota press photos from 1984. For most of its history, the Toyota Land Cruiser has never really been just one vehicle, with the nameplate instead being applied.

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The 70 Series is a family of Toyota Land Cruiser models produced from 1984 to the present day. It replaced the 25-year-old 40 Series as the off-road workhorse of the Land Cruiser heritage, while the 60 Series (and later the 80, 90, 100, 120, 150 and 200 Series) developed into more comfortable passenger off-road vehicles.

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The Land Cruiser 70 Series long-wheelbase "troop carrier" became one of the most popular models. There was an interesting set of dynamics. During the time of Land Cruiser 40 Series the short wheelbase had been very popular, but for the 70 Series it was the long wheelbase that won the popularity contest. Image courtesy of Bring a Trailer.

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NicoDeMattia Next year marks the 70 Series Toyota Land Cruiser's 40th birthday. Originally launched as a 1984 model, the Land Cruiser 70 has been on sale ever since with minor nips and.