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Matra introduced the Bagheera to the public at the Le Mans 24-hour race in 1973. A three abreast seating mid-engine coupé. 60 cars were demonstrated and all were Yellow.. Green lighting in the instrument panel. 1294cc engine from the Simca 1100 TI with a small engine access panel. Inset bumpers front and back in black. Door windows were.

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The Bagheera was a joint venture of Matra, who built the thing, and Simca, who provided all the mechanicals. Think of it as a French Lotus Elise only with less quality and performance and.

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Search now. Matra-Simca cars A to Z of classic cars. 2-door 3-seater fastback coupé. Brave design by French aerospace company, with glass-fibre body and mid-mounted engine/transmission (ex front-drive Simca 1100). Unique for having three-abreast seating. Most built in left-hand drive, but some cars sold in UK.

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For Sale. Fully restored 1976 Matra Bagheera. This classic French sports car, with its unique three seats, is a rare sight on the roads today. The Bagheera was developed by the French company Matra. Matra had a long racing heritage, and even though the car was based on a lot of Simca parts, many features are only found in racing cars.

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Matra-Simca responded by introducing the Bagheera S in mid-1975, with a 1442cc four-pot engine rated at 88bhp and 90lb ft of torque. Borrowed from the Chrysler Alpine, this engine offered more low-down torque, while the top speed was boosted to a claimed 115mph.

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The Matra-Simca Bagheera development story tells the tale of the French company's clever take on the affordable sports car. With a mid-engined layout and three-abreast seating, the Bagheera was a great example of supercar ideology for family car money. Largely forgotten today, but loved by those with a penchant for the unusual.

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UK Simca Talbot Club - photos and details of the Matra Bagheera can be found here.

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"The Matra Bagheera was built by the automotive division of the French engineering group Matra in co-operation with Simca. Marketed as the Matra-Simca Bagheera until its final year of production, when its designation was changed to the Talbot-Matra Bagheera following Chrysler Europe's demise and subsequent takeover by PSA. Chrysler-Simca's planners also wanted a car with more

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But the Bagheera was a solid French reality ready to be unveiled in April 1973 in Annecy. Its debut has been followed by the launch of a first block of 500 yellow units, coinciding - randomly, but with extraordinary timing - with the victory of the Matra 670B at the 24h of Le Mans of the same year.

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The Matra Bagheera is a sports car built by the automotive division of the French engineering group Matra in cooperation with automaker Simca.

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Matra came forth with Bagheera. Now, it is true that the panther is a predator, but it is not the mightiest feline in the jungle. Unlike Shere Khan, that striped killer of cows and consort of the Tabaqui the jackal, Bagheera survived by cleverness. And this is how it was done. The engine and transmission from the front-drive Simca 1100 were.

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The SIMCA engine chosen to power the M550 - renamed "Bagheera" (yes it was named after the Jungle Book character) - was 1294cc engine, taken from the 1100TI model, and it produced a more than healthy 82bhp.

1973’80 Matra Simca Bagheera Hemmings Daily

13 September 2023 Built in cooperation between Matra and Simca and unveiled the to public at the 1973 24 Heures du Mans, at first glance the Bagheera is a conventionally pretty sports car. However, peer inside the cockpit and you'll notice the rather unconventional seating arrangement.

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In 1969, Matra was taken over by SIMCA, which in turn became fully Chrysler-owned one year later. Matra continued with their mission to produce an inexpensive, economical sports car, using off-the-shelf power units and running gear coupled with dramatic styling. In 1973, Matra introduced their newest concept, the M550—better known as the Bagheera and named […]