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Poecilotheria metallica, Metallica, Spider

The Poecilotheria metallica is an old-world tarantula species of the genus Poecilotheria, hailing from Southeast India. The spider has a leg span measuring 6 to 8 inches and a hairy body with a metallic blue hue. Poecilotheria metallicas are hardy and moderately easy to care for.

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Gooty Sapphire Tarantula | Poecilotheria Metallica Care Guide By Eddie Chevrel | Updated on November 21, 2022 The Gooty Sapphire Ornamental is one stunningly beautiful spider that originates from India. It is often the showcase of spider collectors and is praised for its delicate body patterns.

P. Metallica Pet tarantula, Spider, Tarantula

Size: 5-7" Growth Rate: Fast Natural Habitat: India. Nandyal and Eastern Ghats area. They seek hollow trees to live in. Housing Needs: An arboreal setup is needed. P. metallicas require higher humidity levels than most. A hollowed out cork bark tube is a good choice as a hide. Temperament: This species can be defensive.

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Poecilotheria metallica has Greek and Latin roots meaning "colored," "beast," and "metallic." With its standout patterning, metallic blue sheen and the large size of the adults, it's not hard to see how they got named.. To prevent injury, never offer food to a tarantula less than a week after its most recent molt. Sexing.

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Appearance: Poecilotheria metallica tarantulas have a beautiful geometric body coloration, and is the only Poecilotheria (or Pokie) species that has blue hair.

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Poecilotheria metallica has similar intricate geometric body coloration as other Poecilotheria species, but it is the only species in the genus to be covered in blue hair. Mature Male Peacock Tarantula While it is young, P. metallica is less chromatic, the colouring turns to blue as it matures. Males also have more slender bodies, with longer legs.

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Poecilotheria is a genus of tarantulas native to India and Sri Lanka. It was first described by Eugène Louis Simon in 1885. They are arboreal tarantulas, commonly known as ornamental tarantulas, [citation needed] known for their vivid color patterns, fast movement, and potent venom compared to other tarantulas. As of 2019 all species are protected under CITES.

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Poecilotheria metallica Care Sheet Poecilotheria metallica Appearance One of the many reasons why this tarantula is so expensive is its brilliant appearance! The entire Poecilotheria genus is visually stunning, but P. metallica is unique in the sense that it has a brilliant metallic blue hue.

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Distribution Distribution of Poecilotheria metallica Poecilotheria metallica is found only in a small area of less than 100 square kilometres (39 sq mi), a reserve forest that is nonetheless highly disturbed. Surveys of adjacent forest have failed to observe this species.

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by Richard Adams Poecilotheria metallica goes by a variety of different common names; the Gooty Ornamental, Gooty Sapphire, and Peacock Parachute Spider to name just three.

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Gooty Sapphire Tarantula Care. To care for Poecilotheria metallica, provide proper humidity, terrarium substrate, temperature, enclosure, and diet, and handle with care. Make sure to provide moisture by misting the enclosure regularly and feeding the tarantula the right food depending on the species' size.

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Poecilotheria metallica All rights reserved, © All photos on this website are courtesy of Mike Basic Tarantula unless stated otherwise. It's prohibited to copy without permission of author. Common name: Gooty Sapphire Ornamental Indigenous: India

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Subscribe 110K views 2 years ago #Daveslittlebeasties #P Poecilotheria metallica, Gooty Sapphire Ornamental Rehouse and care Today we cover one of the most popular spiders in the hobby there is.

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What is the most beautiful of all tarantulas? It might just be Poecilotheria metallica, the Gooty sapphire ornamental tarantula. But is P. metallica a good p.

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4.7K Share Save 141K views 4 years ago #tarantula #TarantulaCollective #tarantulatuesday In this video I cover care, husbandry, molting and feeding for the Poecilotheria metallica, also known.

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