Ridley Scott afirma que la secuela de 'Prometheus' revelará quien creó a los Aliens

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After setting a new European cinema record, Gladiator 2's $50 million refund is getting backlash from Malta locals. The upcoming movie acts as a sequel to Ridley Scott's acclaimed historical epic, now picking up 20 years after the 2000 Oscar winner and centering on Lucius, Commodus' nephew, as a grown man and how he has changed since being saved by Maximus from his uncle.


Director Ridley Scott has revealed that he always uses at least four cameras while making movies and says his technique paid off for his latest historical epic, Napoleon. Scott likes to work.

PETA tells Ridley Scott to stop use of live animals on Gladiator 2 set in Malta

The defiant leader Moses rises up against Egyptian Pharaoh Ramses II, setting six hundred thousand slaves on a monumental journey of escape from Egypt and its terrifying cycle of deadly plagues..

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The animal rights organisation PETA has written to Hollywood director Ridley Scott to stop the use of live animals on the set of 'Gladiator 2' in Malta, due to soaring heat. Despite the SAG-AFTRA strike, PETA said it was informed the production plans to continue Tuesday through Saturday next week.

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Sir Ridley Scott, GBE (born 30 November 1937) is an English filmmaker. He is best known for directing films in the science fiction, crime and historical drama genres. His work is known for its atmospheric and highly concentrated visual style.

Ridley Scott afirma que la secuela de 'Prometheus' revelará quien creó a los Aliens

Gladiator 2 faces the wrath of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) as the upcoming Ridley Scott-helmed effort stands accused of animal mistreatment during production.

PETA Calls Out Gladiator 2 Director Ridley Scott For Using Real Animals On Set WABDFM

Ridley Scott. Producer: The Martian. Described by film producer Michael Deeley as "the very best eye in the business", director Ridley Scott was born on November 30, 1937 in South Shields, Tyne and Wear. His father was an officer in the Royal Engineers and the family followed him as his career posted him throughout the United Kingdom and Europe before they eventually returned to Teesside.

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PETA has raised concerns about the use of live animals on the set of director Ridley Scott's Gladiator 2 after whistleblowers spoke out about horses and monkeys on the set of the highly-anticipated sequel.. In a statement obtained by DailyMail.com, the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals claimed they had been informed that a horse's leg had given out on set after allegedly working.

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It comes amid a TMZ report alleging Scott had been sent several letters from the animal rights organization raising concerns over his use of animals in the film.

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Ridley Scott rejoices that the SAG-AFTRA strike is over and filming for Gladiator 2 will resume in a couple of weeks. The film has already shot 90 minutes and has another 90 minutes to go..

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The animal rights organization gave out a large amount of letters to Ridley Scott and his cast including Pedro Pascal, Denzel Washington and many others. Peta confirmed they had a whistleblower and heard the complaints that Scott is using horses and macaque monkeys on set, also claiming one of the horses had collapsed while on set.

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People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals [PETA] has written to Gladiator 2 director Ridley Scott to urge him "to immediately cancel plans to use real animals for the film" which is currently being shot in Malta.

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PETA complains to Ridley Scott, Pedro Pascal and others on 'Gladiator 2,' alleging animal mistreatment. The production has reported no such incidents. PETA urges 'Gladiator 2' cast, director to stop animal use - Los Angeles Times

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Ridley Scott's Gladiator 2 Is a 'Magnificent Spectacle,' According to Lucilla Star Connie Nielsen Ridley Scott's Gladiator 2 is shaping up to be another epic feature, says Connie Nielsen.

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We wrote to director Ridley Scott as far back as 2018, urging him not to use animals in the film, and most recently in July 2023, after a whistleblower report came in alleging that a horse's leg had given out on set, presumably due to the heat.

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Animal rights group PETA and Animal Liberation Malta have called on Hollywood director Ridley Scott to stop using live animals on the set of the Gladiator 2 production in Malta as.