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However, pop star Rihanna's hand tattoo is one of the most unique hand tattoos out there. The intricate tribal dragon claw tattooed on the singer's hand is distinctive because it wasn't just inked in the normal tattoo fashion with needles and ink. Her hand tattoo is a traditional tat done in the style of the Maori people of New Zealand.

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Rihanna's Henna and Maori Tattoos. One of Rihanna 's most recognisable tattoos is the one on her right hand, which is a henna-inspired tattoo that she had incorporated into her existing Maori.

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Rihanna's hand tattoo is one of the singer's most intricate designs. It's yet another Bang Bang creation that combined her previous hand tattoos and took 11 hours to complete.

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To build on the Maori-inspired design, Bang Bang worked on Rihanna's hand for 11 hours, resulting in an intricate Henna-like tattoo covering most of her right hand. Large Cross David M. Benett.

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The Pisces tattoo was one of Rihanna's first tattoos, which the singer inked behind her right ear. She got the tattoo in Tokyo in 2006, and it was done by a popular Brazilian tattoo artist. She was 17 years old when she got this tattoo, and the Pisces tattoo signifies the Diamond singer's birth sign. 13.

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Rihanna's hand tattoo is a henna-style tribal dragon claw, which she got on her right hand while in New Zealand on her November 2008 tour. It matches her ex-boyfriend Chris Brown's tattoo on the same hand. The design is of a geometric dragon claw with small hibiscus that go up to her wrist. Her tattoo was done in the traditional style of.

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6. "Love" on her finger. Rihanna's discreet 'Love' tattoo, written in cursive writing on her opposite hand, complements her famous "Shhh" finger tattoo. Ri got this tattoo etched in Los Angeles in the year 2008. 7. Rihanna's "Shhh" tattoo on her finger. Rihanna's "Shhh" finger tattoo is another well-known inking.

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Image: Instagram @badgalriri. Rihanna's Arabic tattoo is placed on her lower left rib cage and says, "Al Hurria fi Al Maseeh.". It means "Freedom in God.". She is greatly motivated by cultural practices around the world and is a religious individual, so this Rihanna tattoo exhibits her spiritual side. 3.

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Rihanna's henna-style hand tattoo is feminine and sexy, and successfully covers up the old tribal tattoo with a bolder, more interesting design. Now Rihanna's hand tattoo is even more visible and in-your-face, much like the pop star herself. Read more about the meaning and story behind her Henna style hand tattoo…read more. 21.

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Rihanna's henna hand tattoo is the boldest beauty statement around. "I was working on Sixth Avenue and West Fourth Street in a kind of dingy, grimy tattoo parlor," recalls tattoo artist.

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Jan 13, 2023 12:46 pm. By Elisabeth McGowan. They're beautiful, like diamonds! Rihanna 's tattoos cover different parts of her body, from her hand up to her neck, and they each have meanings.

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Rihanna has numerous small tattoos on her right hand to which she continues to add and enhance. At various points in time she has also done some temporary tattoo work, including a Thug Life semi permanent piece across her knuckles by high profile tattoo artist Mark Mahoney.At the time Thug Life sent Twitter into melt down.. 1.

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18. "Shhh" on her finger. Another well-known inking of Rihanna's is her "Shhh" finger tattoo. This tattoo, which has been copied by many over time, is a nod to Rihanna's comical side - in many.

Fashion From the Wrists Down Hands Get Adorned Rihanna hand tattoo, Rihanna jewelry

These hand designs are the most intricate of Rihanna's tattoos. Finishing her hand pieces was a five year project that started in 2008 when she got the tribal tattoo below her thumb. The piece was done in New Zealand in the traditional Maori style of tattooing ; a process that inserts ink into the skin by hand using chisel-like instruments.

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Shortly after, she added a skull and crossbones with a pink and red bow, her only colored tattoo, which is still visible today. Where the treble clef once lived is a falcon tattoo created by Bang Bang (via Mirror).Bang Bang also inked "1988," the year Rihanna was born, on the front of her ankle, (via Capital Xtra).. Perhaps most notable, due to the rumors surrounding how Rihanna got the ink.

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