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Question Please explain how to use this, these, that, and those. — Puli, South Africa Answer This and these are used to point to something near you. For a singular thing, use this. For a plural thing, use these. Examples: I like this phone a lot. (when you're holding the phone in your hand or pointing to it nearby)

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(This + singular noun) These words are blue. (These + plural noun) Do you remember the cats from above? They are far from us now, so we can use 'That/These'. I remember that sad cat from above. (That + singular noun) Those sad cats had blue eyes. (Those + plural noun)

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Those: Basic Grammar Guide | YourDictionary Vocabulary Versus Meanings This vs. That vs. These vs. Those: Basic Grammar Guide By Jennifer Gunner, M.Ed. Education , Senior Writer Updated September 18, 2020 Image Credits You know how to use articles like a, an, and the. But what about words like this and that? Or these and those?

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In order to understand the difference between these two terms we need first to understand the difference between "this" and "that," since "these" is the plural of "this" and "those" is the plural of "that." The most basic difference refers to the distance of the object to the speaker.

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Dictionary word comparisons these vs. those BACK TO these these vs. those these [ theez ] show ipa pronoun, adjective plural of this. those [ thohz ] show ipa pronoun, adjective plural of that. Compare More Words Compare More Commonly Confused Words What is the difference between These and Those?

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These/those are used to refer to multiple objects in the same way as this/that refer to single objects that are near/far respectively. The objects are generally visible to both people but known to one person and introduced by that person to the other person. After introduction the objects can be referred to using these/those or by using them.

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'What's this?' 'What's this/that in English?' 'What are these/those in English?' 'Who's that?' 'That's my friend, Max.' We can use a short form with that. That's (That is) my dictionary. We use the full form with this, these and those. This is Kate's bicycle. This's Kate's bicycle. These are Tom's books. These're Tom's books.

Students look at the example and complete with This,That,These or Those and English Grammar For

When referring to time, the rules for using these and those can be different. In general, "these" refers to time periods that are close in the future, while "those" refers to time periods that are further away in the future. Example. Correct Usage. I have a meeting in these two hours.

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Neither is correct. These ones is incorrect, but those ones can be acceptable. Who has it right? And more important, which (if either) of these ones and those ones can you use in your writing or speech? To find the best answer, we need to peel back a few layers of language. It's a This or That Problem

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Here, the pronoun 'these' is used to refer to the shoes that belong to the speaker and are near him, whereas the word 'those' is used to refer to an noun that's plural in nature and is at a distance far from the speaker, for example, 'Those stars are far away in the sky.'. Here, 'those' is used to refer to the distant stars.

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Put the butter, chocolate and sugar in a saucepan. Heat this over a low flame until it melts. We're going to eat first and then go to the film. Are you happy with that? (Are you happy with the idea of eating first, then going to the film?) [talking about the TV] Can you turn that off if you're not watching it? [talking about shoes]

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'Those' refers to items at a distance. 5. 'These' can be used with more flexibility when discussing intangible thoughts, ideas and concepts. Author Recent Posts Noa A Latest posts by Noa A ( see all) Difference Between These and Those - March 11, 2010 Difference Between Were and Was - March 10, 2010

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/ By "Them" is an object pronoun and "these" and "those" are demonstrative pronouns. You always use "them" after a verb. "These" and "those" can be used after a verb and also before nouns. These and Those These and those are known as demonstrative pronouns. We use These for something near and plural. We use Those for something far and plural.

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this chair. that chair. Plural. these chairs. those chairs. We use this or these with nouns to talk about people or things that are near us. They go before the noun. This coffee's cold. These cups are dirty.