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Blue Colour Point Ragdoll

The Blue Point Ragdoll Cat is a Blue Ragdoll with a gray to bluish-gray colorpoint coat pattern on the nose, face, ears, front and back legs, paws, and tail. Their body fur has a lighter shade than the points, which is a light gray platinum tone. Are Blue Ragdolls rare? No, Blue Ragdolls are not rare.

Blue Colour Point Ragdoll

Blue Point Ragdoll cats have very dog-like personalities. Loyal, loving, and playful, these cats are even known to play fetch and wait patiently by the door for their owners to return home!.

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A Blue Ragdoll Cat is a Ragdoll with gray or grayish-brown points in the ears, face, paws, and tail with a body coat color that ranges from white to light gray. Are Blue Ragdolls rare? No, Blue Ragdoll Cats are not rare although they are less common than the Seal Point Ragdolls. Is Blue a recognized Ragdoll Cat color?

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It's actually a beautifully muted cool grey color. A blue point Ragdoll has this grey fur on their face, ear, feet and tail (their 'points'). The rest of their body is a blueish white. Describing cats with this coloring as blue is a tradition for most cat breeds, the Ragdoll included.

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Blue Point Ragdoll cats are a specific color variation of the Ragdoll breed, known for their stunning blue-gray points and striking blue eyes. The Ragdoll breed itself is a popular choice among cat lovers due to its gentle, loving nature and the Blue Point variety adds a touch of elegance with its unique coat coloration.

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One distinct breed-specific trait is that all Ragdoll cats have beautiful blue eyes. In combination with their beautiful coats, their blue eyes add to this particular cat breed's overall appeal and beauty. 3. Ragdolls are huge domestic cats. Even though Ragdoll cats look cuddly and dainty, they are quite large.

Captivating Blue Point Ragdoll Cat Photos

The extremities or points: face, ears, feet and tail, dark in well-defined color. Body color lighter than point color. Chest lighter than body color. Available in the colors of seal, blue, tortie, flame and cream. Villaroyal "Monte". Seal Colorpoint Ragdoll Kitten. Villaroyal "Precious Pearl". Seal Colorpoint Ragdoll Female.

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The body will be lighter in color than the points with the chest, bib and chin area being even lighter. If a Ragdoll Cat has white 'gloves' and 'booties' on its paws then it is a Mitted Ragdoll, not a colorpoint. The Colorpoint Ragdoll appears in all traditional colors and also the Lynx and Tortie variations. Seal Colorpoint Ragdoll Cat

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The Blue Point Ragdoll cat is one of the traditional colors of the Ragdoll breed. The nose, face, ears, front and back legs, paws, and tail of the Blue Point Ragdoll cat have a gray to bluish-gray colorpoint coat pattern, and the color of their fur is a lighter hue of gray.

Captivating Blue Point Ragdoll Cat Photos

About Us. Florida Ragdoll Kittens is a leading provider of show-quality Ragdoll kittens in New Port Richey, Florida. As a member of The International Cat Association (TICA), you can trust that we know our cats and kittens. The Ragdoll breed was specifically chosen because their laid-back, playful disposition makes them the ideal house pet.

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Blue Ragdolls have points (ears, face, feet, legs and tails) that are slate blue grey to silver with generally a grey appearance, the richness and spread of the blue grey colour comes in very slowly until full maturity. Coat colour is usually mature at about 2 years.

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Although it goes by the name of blue, a blue point Ragdoll is actually a warm grey/taupe color that varies in intensity from cat to cat. A Blue Ragdoll cat has a grey color on its ears, nose, legs and tail. Its body color can vary from light to dark grey depending on its genetics and other factors such as geographic location and diet.

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Blue Coloring The blue points can best be described as a slate blue to a warm gray color. The body is not white, but a 'faded' more pale version of the blue points. My Second Ragdoll Cat A few weeks after adopting my first Ragdoll cat many years ago, I received a call from the breeder.

Captivating Blue Point Ragdoll Cat Photos

Blue point Ragdolls are essentially Ragdoll cats that feature a slate coat coloration. These cats sport the colorpoint pattern and are often associated with shades of blue or gray. Blue Ragdoll cats are some of the most popular Ragdolls around.

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The Blue Point Ragdoll cat has a soft, silky coat that is medium to long. The fur is thicker around the neck, giving the cat a distinctive ruff. The coat is also slightly longer on the tail, giving it a plumed appearance. The Blue Point Ragdoll cat's coat color is a pale, creamy shade on the body.

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Blue Point Ragdoll cats are one of the color variations of the Ragdoll breed. They are characterized by their beautiful blue eyes and light-colored bodies with darker blue points on their ears, faces, paws, and tails. These striking color patterns make them stand out and are a testament to their elegance. Origin and History