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Harley Quinn Tattoo Designs, Ideas and Meaning Tattoos For You

Harley Quinn & Joker Hip Tattoo. by MrInk. The Joker and Harley Quinn embracing, with evil smiles, done on girl's hip / thigh by Ben Kaye, an artist based in Orewa, New Zealand. Follow Tattoo Ideas. hip tattoo Supervillains.

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1. Joker And Harley Quinn Tattoo The Joker and Harley Quinn have one of the most complicated relationships to be portrayed by DC Comics. To some, they represent everlasting love and passion. They are two people who cannot live without each other and belong together. They are also toxic together, and their relationship is volatile and abusive.

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20+ Best Harley Quinn Tattoo Designs with Ideas and Meanings Harley Quinn, one of the most famous female leads of the DC comics was originally supposed to be featured in one episode but today has a whole movie after her, wow! Talk about character development, from being a villain to our favorite antihero, this woman is all about growth and power.

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Harley Quinn is the diabolical girlfriend of the Joker in DC Comics, on film, and television, and a very popular subject for tattoo art. She's known for being extremely unstable, having fallen in love with the Joker when a psychologist at Arkham Asylum, and then being driven completely mad.

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Tattoos Gallery Madly In Love Esp Harley Quinn Villain Disney Characters Fictional Characters Minnie DeviantArt: More Collections Like Ma obession~ by MrsEmmyJ Ink Sketch Card Sketches Joker And Harley Disney Art Style Diamond Outline Jokers Wild Lady Loki Images > Harley Quinn Diamond Outline Harley Quinn Art Joker Y Harley Quinn

Joker And Harley Quinn Tattoos Best Tattoo Ideas

14 Pins 6y R Collection by Mari Echeverri Similar ideas popular now Harley Quinn Gotham City Gotham Batman Harley Quinn Drawing Joker And Harley Quinn Joker Art Batman Joker Harley Tattoos Joker Tattoos Dibujos Tattoo Batman Tattoo Old School Tattoo Designs harley quinn and joker neotraditional harley quinn and joker neotraditional - Google Search

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Tattoos 101 Best Harley Quinn Tattoo Ideas You Have To See To Believe! Table of Contents If you are a DC fan and absolutely adore Harley Quinn, then you are looking in the right place. This list of Harley Quinn tattoos is a must-read for you. @jessreeftattoos via Instagram - Love this design? Try a Temporary Tattoo

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1-48 of 114 results for "joker and harley quinn tattoos" Results Price and other details may vary based on product size and color. 16 Sheets Joker Tattoos, Harley Quinn Tattoos, Tattoos for Suicide Squad Perfect for Halloween, Costumes, Harley Quinn Accessories Party and Cosplay 443 100+ bought in past month $499 ($0.31/Count)

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Romantic Joker And Harley Quinn Tattoo Designs Best Tattoo Ideas

The Joker and Harley Quinn's tattoos feature a lot of Easter Eggs and references to the original comics โ€” like Harley's Harlequin/diamond black and red design that harkens to her original.

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Published Feb 5, 2022 Harley Quinn blazed onto the screen in Suicide Squad, sporting eye-catching tattoos. Here are our favorites. Warner Bros. Suicide Squad was the 2016 rendition of the.

The Top 10 Harley Quinn Tattoo Designs

Harley's most iconic tattoo is the "Property of Joker" ink on her shoulder. When it first appeared in the Batman animated series, fans were shocked at this bold declaration. Harley was branding herself as the Joker's possession for all to see!

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Harley Quinn Tattoo Meanings Harley Quinn can represent different things to different people, but there are a few reasons you may want a Harley Quinn Tattoo: Owning your Mental Illness Harley Quinn is frequently described as attention-seeking and unhinged, but never incapable or unintelligent.


A Joker tattoo does represent the darker side of life, but he also represents perseverance. The Joker continues to come back as a favorite throughout the years. He has been portrayed by at least 23 actors since the Batman TV show debuted in 1966. It's hard to believe we've seen our last Joker.

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The cover art features an updated '90s costume for Quinn that is a variation of her original look. Harley smashes a comically oversized mallet, as multiple Joker tattoos can be seen, including the Clown Prince of Crime and "Ha Ha Ha" written down her arm. Harley's iconic costume from the '90s, which she originally debuted in Batman: The.

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Joker and Harley Quinn Tattoo. @nico_tat2. @yyc.joker. @jerseytattoo. Despite sharing an unhealthy bond, the duo of the Joker and Harley Quinn is quite memorable, a narrative that can easily be used to form a Joker and Harley Quinn tattoo, one of the favorable variations on this list.