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Using kid-friendly materials, your kids can create and stamp their own unique designs! To make your own fine art linocuts, you'll need: Styrofoam plates. Scissors (for adults or older children) Stylus tools, such as toothpicks, Popsicle sticks, and/or sticks from outside. Wooden spoon.

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Drawing the Design for Your Linocut. Using a permanent marker, draw your linocut design on the sheet of linoleum, while keeping black-and-white design elements in mind. You'll be carving everything from the linoleum material EXCEPT your drawing, so use your marker to draw the dark parts of your reference image.

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A relief printing roller or brayer is made of natural or tough synthetic rubber and has a handle. It is used to apply a thin layer of ink to the linocut block. It is possible to buy a good starter roller for under £10. They come in a variety of sizes, weights and qualities.

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Step 01 - Open your image in an editor. Open the photo you want to make a linocut from in your SmartPhone and select edit. I'm using an iPhone but all smartphones allow you to play with images in the way I'm about to show you. If you haven't got an iPhone don't worry, you'll work it out (we all believe in you).

Animals on Behance Linocut prints, Woodcuts prints, Linocut art

4. Printing the Linocut - The linocut is printed by hand or with the use of a press.. Printing by Hand - The paper is carefully laid on the inked block and burnished on the back with a tool called a baren - the back of a wooden spoon works too. Speedball makes a popular baren and I've had one for a couple years. It's handy, especially in combination with a spoon, but I did have to fix it by.

Animals on Behance Linocut prints, Linocut, Lino art

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Jan 9, 2024 - Linocut is a printmaking technique, a variant of woodcut in which a sheet of linoleum (sometimes mounted on a wooden block) is used for the relief surface. Woodcut prints are a bit different, please see my Woodcut print board if you are looking for woodcut prints. . See more ideas about linocut prints, linocut, woodcuts prints.

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13 Lino Print Ideas You Can Use for Anything. Celestial garden Linocut collection. By ElenKoss. Creative Market January 21, 2022 · 8 min read. Lino print, or more specifically linocut print, is an artistic process that — while originally was a tactile traditional way of creating art — has found its way into digital content creation.

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I finally finished a project I've been planning for a while - a print showing a variety of linocut pattern examples. It's for students in my How to Linocut online class, who can download the print as a PDF. I came up with 25 black and white block printing patterns including grid, circle, line, dot, square and triangle designs.

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Check out these brilliant examples of linocut illustration - hopefully they'll inspire you to try the technique for yourself. 01. Menna Jenkins. A recent graduate of Camberwell College of Art's Masters in Printmaking, Menna is a British freelance illustrator with a passion for linocut.

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1. Get that ink on there! Put about a spoonful (depending on how big your print is) of ink into the center of your glass pane. 2. Start rolling! Start rolling your ink around. Experiment with your brayer a little bit to make sure it is rolling the paint, not simply pushing it around without turning.


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