Anyone else turned into this chap yet? r/CasualUK

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Michael Gaime is a take on an old Harry Enfield and Chums sketch called Michael Paine - The Nosey Neighbour.In it's first episode, Michael drops some news yo.

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Harry Enfield and Chums - Michael Paine, Nosey Neighbour | neighborhood, Harry Enfield's Television Programme

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The original series titles began with Enfield in a black suit walking towards the camera and blowing a raspberry to the music of a brass band and ended with him taking a quick drag from a cigarette hidden behind his back. The show ran for two series with this title in late 1990 and spring 1992.

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(Has the comedy community forgotten about Paul Whitehouse's surreal impression of Caine as a nosy neighbour?) The man himself told us that despite his cockney icon status, he began his screen.

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My name is Michael Paine, and I am a Nosey Neighbour! Like Comment Share 96 · 6 comments · 6.9K views Best of British Comedy October 20 Follow Michael Paine - Nosey Neighbour Comments Most relevant  Andy Dyer Luke Bartlett 7w Darren Sutton Alan Foley 7w View 3 more comments Michael Paine - Nosey Neighbour

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My name is Michael Paine, and I am a nosey neighbour!

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694 230K views 16 years ago.more.more modal11 Michael Paine, the Nosy Neighbor. Based on an imitation of Michael Caine by Peter Sellers.

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Stella Street is a British television comedy programme, originally screened in four series on BBC Two between 22 December 1997 and 11 December 2001. It takes the form of a mockumentary filmed on a camcorder, based on the fantastical premise that a group of British and American celebrities have all decided to move into Stella Street in Surbiton (actually Hartswood Road, London, W12).

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19 MrMeeseeks87 • 3 yr. ago She wasn't the smartest of animals, God rest her soul. 10 BethanySloan • 3 yr. ago ..NOT A LOT OF PEOPLE KNOW THAT! 12 MrMeeseeks87 • 3 yr. ago FINALLY! I've been waiting all day for that! I was starting to wonder if everyone had forgotten about Harry Enfield and Chums! BethanySloan • 3 yr. ago Loved it.


He's a nosey neighbour. [deleted]. If you say "my cocaine" aloud, you're also saying "Michael Caine" in his own voice. WhenRobLoweRobsLowes.


My name is Michael Paine, and I am a nosey neighbour! Like Comment Share 105 · 20 comments · 7.1K views Best of British Comedy April 9, 2021 Follow Harry Enfield and Chums - Michael Paine Comments Most relevant  Paula Brennan Hennessy Donna Upton 18w Lillian S Saleh Benny Lane 19w View more comments 2 of 15 Harry Enfield and Chums - Michael Paine

Anyone else turned into this chap yet? r/CasualUK

23/08/06 - 14:33 #1 Where did the following comment come from? "My name is Michael Caine and I'm a nosey neighbour" It comes from a comedy sketch show which was called ".