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Here is a list of 130 Islamic Sahaba girl names with their meanings. Exalted and high in rank, status; greatness, glory. Honest, Faithful. Someone who is protected from all that causes fear. One who has a good life. Blonde; fair-skinned. Alive, living; one with a good life; prosperous and affluent. There were 8 Sahabas with this name.

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10. Mariya al-Qibtiyya; the Prophet's (s) wife.Among the Prophet's (s) wives, in addition to Khadija, Mariya was the only one who gave birth to a child, called Ibrahim. 11. Safiyya bt. Huyyay; the only non-Arab wife of the Prophet (s).Before Islam, Safiyya married twice; she was captured as prisoner by Muslims in the Battle of Khaybar after her husband was killed, and then the Prophet (s.

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One with the name of Arwa was a cousin of the Prophet. 9. Asiyah. One who helps and heals weak people. 10. Asma. Precious, beautiful, exalted; high or great;loftier than others. Asmā' bint Abu Bakr was the daughter of Abu Bakr's and Aisha's sister. Inspired by her father she was the 15th person to embrace Islam.

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42Abdullah bin Umar bin Al KhattabServant of Allahعبدالله بن عمر بن الخطاب. 43Abdullah bin MasudServant of Allahعبدالله بن مسعود. 44Uthman bin AffanSnakeعثمان بن عفان. 45Uthman bin MadoonSnakeعثمان بن مدون. 46Ali bin Abi TalibHigh, Exaltedعلى بن ابى طالب.

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As Muslim baby boy names of Sahaba are not easy to find all in one place, this list has been compiled in order to help you choose wisely. The names here are of those companions of Prophet Muhammad- some have great meanings in Arabic, while some are the names of the people who lived at that time, with less meaning. List of Sahabi Names for Baby Boys

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8. Ali. Ali is an Arabic name meaning "exalted" or "noble.". It is also one of the names of great significance in Islam, being the name of the cousin and son-in-law of the Prophet Muhammad. 9. Allaq. The name Allaq means something which clings, or hangs on and adheres. It's an ideal Islamic sahaba names of baby boy. 10.

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77 Beautiful Names Of Sahabiyat For Baby Girls. 1. Asiyah. Asiyah bint al-Faraj al-Jurumiyyah was another distinguished Sahabiyat of Prophet Muhammad. The meaning of Asiyah is 'one who tends to the weak and heals them'. 2. Afraa. There were two Sahabiyats named Afraa: Afraa' bint al-Sakan and Afraa' bint Ubaid.

Very beautiful names of sahaba karam mashallah and also beautiful names. may Allah almighty blessed them all. on Tuesday 6th of June 2017 10:02:21 AM. y is ukasha bin mohsin name mean spider. what is the correlation. on Wednesday 7th of June 2017 07:22:25 PM.

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4. Ahnaf. Ahnaf is one of the most beautiful sahabi names for boys in our opinion and it means 'who has integrity.'. It was also the name of a sahabi called Al-Ahnaf Ibn Qays, a Muslim general who lived at the time of the Prophet Muhammad. The name Ahnaf means 'on the straight path' or 'worshiper of Allah'. 5.

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It is a timeless name that is a reminder of servitude and devotion to Allah. Hassan: Hassan ibn Ali was the grandson of Prophet Muhammad and is celebrated for his generosity and wisdom. Naming your son Hassan links him to a legacy of generosity, knowledge, and nobility. Hussein: Brother to Hassan, Hussein ibn Ali is remembered for his bravery.

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The muhājirūn (those who followed the Prophet from Mecca to Medina in the Hijrah ), the anṣār (the Medinese believers), and the badriyyūn (those who fought at the Battle of Badr) are all considered Companions of the Prophet. There are differing accounts of who belonged to the various groups. The Companions, being eyewitnesses, are the.

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Explore the remarkable lives of the companions of the Prophet Muhammad in the list of Sahaba. Discover their contributions, stories, and legacy that continue to inspire generations. Learn about their roles in Islam and their significance in history.


A. Abu Bakr `Abdullah ibn Abi Quhafa. Ali ibn Abi Talib. Aqeel ibn Abi Talib. Mu'awiya I ( Arabic: معاوية بن أبي سفيان, romanized: Muʿāwiya ibn Abī Sufyān; c. 597, 603 or 605-April 680) was the founder and first caliph of the Umayyad Caliphate, ruling from 661 until his death. Abdullah ibn Ja'far. Abdur-Rahman ibn Abu Bakr.

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Top Sahabi Names: 118 Most Famous Sahaba Names With Meanings. List of male Sahaba names, All Sahaba names that are called most popular companions of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) because of their strong willing and winners of battles, We at Getnames have compiled a list of top rank Male Sahaba names who served themselves in different battles of Islam such as Battle of Badar, battle of Uhud, battle.

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Abdullah ibn Hudhafah as-Sahmi. Abdullah ibn Jahsh. Abdullah ibn Masud. Abdullah ibn Suhayl. Abd Allah ibn Hanzala. Abd Allah ibn Mas'ada al-Fazari. 'Abd Allah ibn Rawahah. Abdullah ibn Salam. Abdullah ibn Unais.