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As mentioned above, the Pull Up Mate is a portable free standing pull up bar and dip station which can be used both indoors and outdoors. Here's how it looks fully assembled in my garage. Pride of place in the middle of the 'gym': Despite being referred to as a portable pull-up and dip station thought, turns out you can do a heck of a lot.

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Pull Up Mate equivalent in USA Hi Guys, I live in an apartment where I cannot attach something like a Rogue fitness pullup bar to the ceiling. It may be possible on the walls but I'd rather not attach something permanent since I'll likely have to move at some point anyway. EDIT: I don't have door frames for pullup bars either.

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The Pull Up Mate 2 is A True Home Calisthenics Workout Tool. With rave reviews all over the social sphere, the Pull Up Mate 2 has no competition. Get the bodyweight training equipment you need, without the permanent fixings you'll always have to work around. Ready to get advanced and invest in your bodyweight workouts?

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What is Pull-Up Mate? Pull-Up Mate is a pull-up station, compact dip station, and a full-height pull-up bar. This brand name pull-up station is sturdy, lightweight, and easy to assemble making it one of the top choices for a home gym setup. Pull-up Mate and pull-up stations and bars like it work with your body weight to help build muscle.

Pull Up Mate Test et avis Le Meilleur Avis

The Pull Up Mate is one of the most versatile free standing, portable, pull-up bars on the market. At under £120 it is a much more cost effective option than other "Power tower" alternatives.

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The Pull Up Mate system was designed for people who want the ultimate versatility in upper body workouts while not committing to expensive gym memberships. It's for those who want to take the next step in their calisthenics journey and begin to see serious upper body muscle gains.

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Pull Up Mate USAKevin Rail takes us through how to perform some of the fundamental workouts Pull Up Mate was designed for. Focussing on form and technique, f.

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Pull Up Mate Test et avis Le Meilleur Avis

Pull Up Mate, Walton-On-Trent, West Midlands, United Kingdom. 650,024 likes · 14 talking about this. Pull Up Mate Portable Fitness Equipment for a total.

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Pull Up Mate with Storage Bag Freestanding, Portable Pull Up Bar &. Customer reviews Customer reviews 3.6 out of 5 stars 3.6 out of 5 6 global ratings Pull Up Mate with Storage Bag Freestanding, Portable Pull Up Bar & Dip Station - Multi-Functional, Hundreds of Bodyweight Exercises & Routines byPull Up Mate Write a review

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Take your bodyweight and calisthenics training to the next level with Pull Up Mate. Extremely resilient, yet lightweight and portable; Pull Up Mate is the id.


What is the Pull Up Mate? Essentially it's a portable pull up and dip station. It comes in its own handy carry bag (a really good quality one too!) and is held in place by simple pin structures. The whole thing can be put up in a couple of minutes and taken apart in even less. The instructions are very simple yet perfectly clear.

Pull Up Mate Fitness Equipment Ireland Best for buying Gym Equipment

Pull up mate, portable exercise device review I recently became the proud owner of a new device and I've got to say- I am impressed! Welcome to our 'Pull up mate, portable exercise device' review!

Pull Up Mate Review

Pull Up Mate - More than Just Pull Ups! 7 Mins Read. You might think that pull up mate is only for pull ups. That'd make sense, right? Wrong. This is a pretty reasonable mistake to make - it's really a mobile, complete calisthenics workout partner. It's a system for every single movement type that you could expect in calisthenics and.

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The Pull Up Mate provides us with an alternative to a pull-up bar in the door frame, especially when we constantly hit our head on the door frame. Ouch! With a Pull Up Mate, you can change the design to do anything from pull-ups to leg raises to push-ups. That's the beauty of a free-standing pull-up bar.

Pull Up Mate Test et avis Le Meilleur Avis

Pull Up Mate is a portable, freestanding Pull Up Bar & Dip Station offering hundreds of different workout routines, ideal for both complete beginners and fitness professionals.